New market leader for crypto currencies helps business owners survive

There are quite a few people who have bought crypto currency at top prices and now have to hoddle their Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple while the market stagnates or stands still.

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As the Hodlers need cash, they often turn to crypto-based credit companies. Many of these lenders offer services at increased prices (long approval periods, low loan-to-value ratios, hidden fees). Recently, however, a new leader in crypto currencies has emerged to address this problem. The youngest and perhaps most promising crypto-based credit company is called YouHodler.

What’s the news spy?

YouHodler is a crypto-based credit provider that provides the news spy in exchange for crypto security says onlinebetrug. Unlike its competitors, YouHodler accepts the majority of the leading digital coins and instantly grants credit.

The entire credit process takes only a few hours, starting with registration. The provider offers the highest loan-to-value ratio (70 percent) on the market and most of the leading digital currencies are accepted as collateral (including the highly popular Ripple).

To take out a loan, all you need to do is register an account, pass the KYC test and apply for a loan. The money can then be released immediately.

Bitcoin secret Success Stories

Shortly after the launch, Bitcoin secret succeeded in helping many small Bitcoin secret entrepreneurs. In some cases, individuals had to borrow cash quickly to cover their debts or daily expenses. In other cases, users wanted to borrow to invest in ICOs. As the prices for their newly released tokens rose, these individuals sold a portion of their tokens profitably for loan repayment.

YouHodler Affiliate Program
YouHodler is currently the youngest and most promising provider of crypto loans. Because YouHodler wants to grow beyond itself and win even more customers, it now offers a unique affiliate program for its users.

When you register with YouHodler, you can get an affiliate link to share with your friends. As soon as your friends take out YouHodler loans, you will receive 5% of the interest that YouHodler generates from your friends’ loans.

Any person who plans to borrow (or does not plan to borrow) can now participate in the Affiliate Program. All you have to do is register an account with YouHodler, find your affiliate link in your member account, and share the link with your friends. The process is as simple as using Coinbase, Binance or any other crypto exchange.

Advents Podcast: Cobinhood – the Exchange without fees

An Exchange without fees? Cobinhood is the first crypto exchange that is not financed by trading fees. Co-founder Popo Chen explains how this works.

For the Christmas season we provide you with something special: For every Advent Sunday we publish a special episode of the BTC-ECHO Podcast in English. This week our guest is Popo Chen, co-founder of the Börse Cobinhood and the Dexon Foundation.

Popo Chen is a serial Bitcoin secret entrepreneur from Asia

Before he made his entry into the world of blockchains and Bitcoin secret, he raised several start-ups and then sold them on: In 2017, he became aware of crypto currencies and started trading himself. But he soon noticed the inconvenience of the stock markets. So he looked into his next venture and founded Cobinhood. The special thing about Cobinhood is that users don’t have to pay fees on trades.

So what does the business model look like? You’ll find the answer in the first part of the BTC-ECHO podcast.

The Dexon Foundation is another cryptosoft project that focuses on innovation

Accordingly, the vision is to reshape the future of the Internet through decentralized technologies. With a new consensus mechanism and a new data structure, the Blocklattice, Dexon wants to solve the bottlenecks of a conventional blockchain, such as Bitcoin’s. The new blockchain will be used to create a new cryptosoft data structure. In the second part of the podcast, Popo Chen outlines what this decentralized future could look like:

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